CSE, CIS and pre-CSE Advising

You are encouraged to contact your assigned advisor via e-mail with quick questions or concerns regarding your academic plan or other scheduling issues. You can also take advantage of 5-10 minute drop-ins (some in-person, some on Zoom) or make a 30-minute appointment for a longer conversation. Instructions for both are below (click the red bar for more info).

Drop-ins and appointments are for current CSE, CIS and pre-CSE students only. Other students should check here for their advising options.

Professional Academic Advisors

Nikki Strader, Undergraduate Academic Advising Coordinator
JOJO Beyene, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Dede Shine, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Melissa Toretch, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Academic Advisors can assist with:

  • Academic planning
  • Graduation requirements
  • Financial Aid petitions
  • College petitions
  • Referrals to campus resources
  • Placement tests
  • Changing majors
  • Minors
  • Internship planning

Faculty Advisors

Once accepted into the major, students are assigned a faculty advisor based on the student's interests. Faculty advisors can assist with:

  • Technical elective course selection
  • Industry questions
  • Research opportunities
  • Technical questions